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This page will (eventually) contain the common elements used for this wiki. Things like infobox (admonition) templates, header structure, formatting, style guides, etc.


For the longest time I have wanted to write an actual wiki for Mythic Metals.

A little bit of context: I play a lot of RPGs and MMORPGs1. When I play these, I expect a good wiki to provide clear, structurized and detailed information about whatever topic I am looking for.

There are multiple examples on great wikis out there. Some of the wikis I currently enjoy reading are the Hypixel Skyblock Wiki, the Old School RuneScape Wiki, and of course, the Minecraft Wiki All of them (with a tiny exception for the officially supported RuneScape Wiki) are driven entirely by the community, and the extent of the documentation just goes to show how deep the love for the games go.

Most of them use Fandom (MediaWiki) as their base. I really like this structure, but for Fandom specifically I do not like the advertisements placed all across the page, they are really intrusive. That is why I decided I wanted to self-host the wiki in some way. I already have some experience working on the Wisp Forest docs, and with the open-source nature of the Mythic Metals project, and my studies related to programming in all forms, I am therefore able to serve a wiki like this.

An interesting development has taken place as of writing, where more and more people are moving to more independent wiki pages. Hypixel moved to the Official Hypixel Wiki, and the Minecraft Wiki moved away from Fandom fairly recently. The links were therefore updated accordingly.

Currently the best way to gain information is through the GitHub wiki, the Discord Server, or the few guides on YouTube that have surfaced after a long period of time2. In terms of the Discord Server: since you get to ask me directly, or perhaps you find one of the many handy pins in the #mythic-metals channel, you relatively quickly learn about what you want to know. I am not going to close down the Discord server after completing this wiki, but linking to it makes it faster to answer the same questions again and again. Some of the repetitive questions that I often receive are on how old and new features work, what ore height-ranges are, material statistics, and crafting recipes. All of these are easily solvable with a few blurbs of text and an image or two.


Image of a Stormyx Ingot, a mainly pink ingot with a blue accent/border
Can be made into tools and armor

Tool Durability = 1305

Helmet = armor armor (3), 360 durability
Chestplate = armor armor armor armor (8), 480 durability
Leggings = armor armor armor (6), 450 durability
Boots = armor armor (3), 390 durability

Ability - Magic Protection:
Flat magic damage reduction by X points.

Ability - Divine Judgement:
Assimilate an undead if they are below 10% health.

There is some text here

If you look at any of the wikis in the motivation section, and look at any sort of weapon, you will often find an aside, serving an infobox with a quick summary of its core stats. I want to do something similar with most of the Mythic Metals materials, though for now I simply do not know how exactly I want to do it.

This page will contain examples of what those would look like. Once I have decided on a good format, this will instead reflect the required format of all infoboxes on the Wiki.

  1. As some of you might know from the Midas Gold video: 

  2. I am not going to self plug again. yorkmouse made a great video giving a quick explanation on each material: 

Last update: 2023-12-14