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Stormyx Armor

Stormyx Armor

image of Stormyx Armor model

Stormyx Helmet

Image of Stormyx Helmet
armor armor
+3 Armor, +2.0 Toughness
360 Durability

Stormyx Chestplate

Image of Stormyx Chestplate
armor armor armor armor
+8 Armor, +2.0 Toughness
480 Durability

Stormyx Leggings

Image of Stormyx Leggings
armor armor armor
+6 Armor, +2.0 Toughness
450 Durability

Stormyx Boots

Image of Stormyx Boots
armor armor
+3 Armor, +2.0 Toughness
390 Durability

Ability - Magic Protection:
Flat magic damage reduction by X points.

Stormyx Armor is a standard armor set, recognized from its distinct pink and cyan colors. The armor has the Magic Protection attribute, which decreases damage taken from magical sources by the flat amount.



Stormyx Armor can be crafted from Stormyx Ingots, which is a resource found in The Nether. It is crafted just like any other armor.

vanilla helmet recipe with stormyx ingots
vanilla chestplate recipe with stormyx ingots
vanilla leggings recipe with stormyx ingots
vanilla boots recipe with stormyx ingots


Occasionally when bartering with Piglins using Midas Gold, you have a small chance to obtain Stormyx Boots enchanted with Soul Speed and/or Unbreaking. The chance for this is around 1% per barter.

Last update: 2023-12-14