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Stormyx Shield

Stormyx Shield

Image of Stormyx Shield
+2 Magic Protection
1680 Durability

Ability - Magic Protection:
Flat magic damage reduction by X points.

The Stormyx Shield is a magical round shield crafted from Stormyx.

Compared to a standard shield it has some minor benefits. Firstly it can take a higher amount of damage before losing durability. A standard shield can absorb 3 points of damage before losing durability, while a Stormyx Shield can absorb 4 points. It also rounds down during this durability damage calculation instead of up.

Secondly, when disabled by an axe, it goes on a second shorter cooldown of 4 seconds (80 ticks), allowing you to start using it quicker.



The Stormyx Shield is crafted from Stormyx Ingots, which is a resource found in The Nether. You also need a Stormyx Shell, a rare dropped which is obtained while mining Stormyx Ores.

Image of the recipe for Stormyx Shield

Last update: 2023-12-14