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Palladium Armor

Palladium Armor

Image of Palladium Armor

Palladium Helmet

Image of Palladium Helmet
armor armor
+3 Armor, +2.0 Toughness
336 Durability

Palladium Chestplate

Image of Palladium Chestplate
armor armor armor armor
+8 Armor, +2.0 Toughness
448 Durability

Palladium Leggings

Image of Palladium Leggings
armor armor armor
+6 Armor, +2.0 Toughness
420 Durability

Palladium Boots

Image of Palladium Boots
armor armor
+3 Armor, +2.0 Toughness
364 Durability

Ability - Natural Fire Protection:
Acts as extra levels of Fire Protection when worn.

Palladium Armor is a set of orange armor set which has multiple fire related properties. This armor is fireproof, similar to Netherite, and will therefore not burn if dropped in lava.

Most of the pieces have the Movement Speed in Lava attribute, which does exactly what its named after. The helmet comes with the Vision in Lava attribute instead, which increases your vision range when submerged in Lava by the specified number of blocks.

The set also comes with the Natural Fire Protection ability, which acts as one extra level of the Fire Protection enchantment when worn. This ability stacks with the enchantment itself.



Palladium Armor can be crafted from Palladium Ingots, which is a resource found in The Nether. It is crafted just like any other armor.

vanilla helmet recipe with palladium ingots
vanilla chestplate recipe with palladium ingots
vanilla leggings recipe with palladium ingots
vanilla boots recipe with palladium ingots


Palladium Armor counts as warm armor, as it is in the minecraft:freeze_immune_wearables tag. This mean you will not take freeze damage when wearing any piece of it.

Palladium Boots also have some interesting applications, as when wearing them you can stand on Campfires and Magma Blocks without taking damage. You will also not sink in Powder Snow when wearing these boots, unless you are sneaking.

Last update: 2023-11-06