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Welcome to the Work In Progress Mythic Metals Wiki

For Users

  • If you're a user, you're probably looking for unobtainium. I have not written that page yet, and it will probably the last one.
  • You can also find epic docs for some of the other pies I have dipped my fingers into, over at
  • The documentation for Mythic Metals is also available here. Who would have guessed.

The wiki is not dead! I have been very slowly working on getting tooling done, and finally I should be able to more effectively put out pages for stuff. For now the FAQ replaces everything from the old GitHub Wiki and and the Discord Server.

For Developers

Sources and Contributing

The entirety of this site will be available on GitHub, where you can submit additions and corrections or report issues you found

If you have any experience with MkDocs, or you just want to contribute to the site in any way, either ask in the Discord server or open an issue! There are plently of links on this very page to the Wiki GitHub should you need it.

Last update: 2024-04-28